The beautiful game of Self discovery

Whether you’re on your way to spiritual growth or just have a first time with this kind of discovery as you read  this post, I’m sure you’ll agree life is a teacher. You don’t have to be a philosopher to recognize that. The more you acknowledge this, the more you let yourself guided by the unseen hands that – either you want it or not – push you in some directions. And this is where you have to choose. whether you act freely or conditioned by fear, insecurity or low self-esteem, some actions take place  and thus reactions (according to the laws of the universe). Hence, a long series of happenings, meetings, emotions, thoughts and words, called the experience of life.


But, what if you developed some kind of abilities to recognize signs and inner guidance? Wouldn’t that be revealing? Wouldn’t that map up your life? Maybe you’d know what are you here for. WHAT”S  YOUR JOB. 

Understanding Tools 

Some use Astrology, some do yoga, others meditation, prayers, traveling, reading, forgiveness….no matter what it’s important to practice something…..

Personal Lesson 

Lately, I have received some answers and understandings of things that happen in my life and realized that I don’t have to have the same life just like everybody else….Well, this one I figured out some years ago, but now I know I must find the strenght to assume it and feel comfortable with it.

So, I’ve read some astrology, after a long break-up (with astrology) , and it really enlightened me. In case you haven’t figured out by now what your life  lesson is, you can decipher it in your natal chart. The North Node is the key to this life’s job. Depending on the house this Node is placed in, you have a special personal lesson. Actually, this is “the single most important thing in your astro chart” as Elizabeth Spring says. Find out more about this here. 

Self’s game: 

All esoteric sciences and spiritual practices agree that the soul/spirit/self is sent in a spiritual growing journey spanning many lifetimes.  Each of which with its own life lesson. So, it’s truly important to know what the present one is.

How to recognize what your life lesson is

Besides the universal life lesson – unconditional love/getting in touch with the Self – there is one more particular lesson for each of us and that can be: self-affirmation, work & money, study & communication, family, relationships, children, health, work for the others, partnership/marriage, transformation, inheritances, sexuality, traveling, spirituality, social recognition, friends, solitude or illness.

Usually, life lesson is happening in that area of your life in which circumstances seem to force you to take action. Actually they are just remembering you what you came here for. It starts at about 23-25 and it will get almost all your attention and energy as you step into the 30s.

Either you choose it or not, it will choose you. And you have a whole lifetime in front of you to learn it, on all sides, just like you’ve learnt to speak.

My current life lesson: transformation. Maybe you’ve noticed my blog’s name 🙂

The inner discovery

Apart from this, as you grow old –  if you are lucky enough – you will also evolve.  And then, if you really pay attention, as the time goes by, you start to change. And to receive:

The silence, the peace.

The warmth, the love.

The tolerance. 

The power to accept. To forgive.  

The generosity.

The patience.

The humbleness. 

The joy. 

The …. wisdom. 

All Within. And thus you reclaim yourself.


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