Saturday walk

It’s the end of September and summer is still here in my home little town along the Danube.  So I went out for a walk and attended the annual city fair and  a folk puppets show. And then when coming back home, I saw 2 children (aged 3-5 year old)  begging for money in the street. The girl threw some coins down the street, unsatisfied with it, while the little boy bent down to pick them. In this time the girl approached me:

“- Please give me some coins, so help you God…..”

I had no money in my pockets so I couldn’t offer her anything this time. But I knew she made a lot of money there. This is her full-time job. Really. – My country is reputed for this. – A few months ago I bought a slice of pie and gave it to her. But she went to the shop and exchanged the pie with the money.

And then something sparkled in my mind: “It’s so strange for a child to say this….”

“- Hey, but do you know God?

– No….the little girl hesitantly answered.

I smiled. 🙂

– Who is this God you talk about? 

Her eyes rolled around the landscape as she was looking for an answer: outside or inside, in her few memories.

– I …don’t know….she replied again a little embarrassed.

– Uh, I thought you know Him…..I said smiling at her.

– No, I don’t …..but I saw Him in the newspaper once.  ” 


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