Picturing the hardship of the human spirit: Lisa Kristine

A few hours after i had posted this I realized: What am I recommending actually? Is it a nice person? A talented photographer? Ok, she’s awesome, but she stands for something greater than that. That’s what attracted me to her. Volunteer dedication to helping people in trouble.

So, this is a post about how we can help free the slaves in our times. Lisa Kristine is a photographer lobbying for this cause and putting her talent and effort into promoting this world-wide phenomena.

For more information about how you can help enslaved people, go here. 

Now, about Lisa Kristine’s work:

“I hope these images awaken a force in those who see them” this is what photographer Lisa Kristine declares her mission is.

I  discovered her serendipitously on TED. She had a talk on Modern Slavery. Her gentle nature and the topic made me to look for more. And this is how I found out she is a great photographer and humanist.

See some of her pictures on modern slavery:

Other photos:

More on Lisa Kristine’s work here. 



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