SKIN: your precious, natural coat.

Pink, coffee or ivory-white, the skin dresses up the body in a precious natural robing. And, the more we acknowledge it is our one and only “coat” the more we grant it with higher importance. Just think: have you ever heard of somebody getting another skin for the latter one got jaded? Sounds funny, huh?  Here is why it’s important that the skin receives all our attention, hygiene, and protection that it deserves.

Just by looking at your skin, one can tell a lot: age, occupation, emotional history, climate in his home country and even the internal affections. In fact, skin is our calling card, but also the picture of our outer and inner life, just like Oscar Wilde put it in “The picture of Dorian Gray”.

More than just a cover

I’ m sure you would agree: a neat skin radiates beauty. And still, the skin is more than just a beautiful outward cover. American scientist, Bernadine Healy, claimed that skin is not appreciated at its real value, because skin has a lot of functions such as: sensory, thermic, protection and also communication with the brain and entire organism.

No 1 enemy

Just like an impenetrable armor, skin protects the human body against all external environment factors. Among these, the Sun. Well, you may love it, praise it, long for it, but Sun is considered skin’s No 1 enemy because of its violent action in the past years. Its rays have a direct action on the middle skin layer, the derma, a place where the collagen reserves reside. When the derma gets affected wrinkles and pouches appear. However, these are the most insignificant negative effects of being overexposed to Sun. A vast scale of skin diseases continuing up to cancer is what nowadays people have to deal with.

That’s why dermatologists say the best way to protect our skin is by using Sun protection products. But not solely!  There are lots of ways to trick the Sun: Covering your head with a hat, your eyes with glasses or using natural oils (olive, grapes, and Shea butter) should also help.


  • Fresh spring water (drink and facial wash)
  • Vitamins: A, C, D, E moisturize and help cellular regeneration. Also give the “young skin look”.
  • Elastin, Collagen, Retinol and Hyaluronic acid supplements enrich your daily cream by giving your skin elasticity and firmness.
  • A glass of warm water mixed with juice from half a lemon taken in the morning, on an empty stomach should assure your skin’s elasticity and great looks.
  • Natural oils and butters
  • Honey spread on your face every 2 days in sessions of 1 or 2 weeks
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • 8 hours sleep
  • Fruit, vegetable and cereal cures for as long as 10 days
  • Intestinal detox
  • Soft, positive mind
  • Balanced life

To conclude, always remember to cherish this beautiful natural gift and give it your most loving care before it’s too late.

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